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Get Your Gearô Cards now available -- use these innovative cards to remember all the stuff you need for a particular activity. [details]



  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Swimming
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    Hockey Moms 101 Booklet Coming Soon!
    We've written a helpful guide for hockey moms that will be available very soon. Contact Us
    Illustrations for Get Your Gear™ Cards were created by Susanne Short
    Hereís what people are saying:  
    I just ordered and received our hockey bag tag and I LOVE it! I'm sure that my 8-year old mite will be happy that I'm not nagging him to remember his gear! We also just got a 'tree' for his gear and he is responsible for packing his own bag this season. I definitely think your card will help! Thanks for such a great product!
    --Nancy, Appleton, WI

    The price is very reasonable and the cards are really cute.
    --Clever Parents

    What a wonderful product that truly increases the independence of children. It also eliminates stress during those transitional times. Great product!
    --Stacey, Special Educator,
    River Falls, WI
    I am going to visit family and will be giving a School-Ager card to my niece. My daughter loves her School-Ager card so much she put it on her backpack this morning. I think these are a great idea!
    --Ellen, Knoxville, TN

    I gave the Baby Get Your Gear card to my niece and nephew who were nervous, first-time parents. They donít leave the house without first checking the Get Your Gear card on their diaper bag. It has saved them many times.
    --Deb, St. Paul, MN


    Get Your Gear cards are a great way to help kids become more self-sufficient with their activities!
    --Laura, Hockey Mom, Omaha, NE


    Karen Amundson, owner of Simply Ordered, LLC


    Karen Asmundson started her organizing business so she could help families have more time for each other without getting bogged down with the details of everyday living.

    Karen is a former member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Minnesota Chapter of NAPO (NAPO-MN). She served as a NAPO-MN Board member and was Co-Coordinator of NAPO-MN's annual Organizing Conference in 2006.