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Online Catalog for Get Your Gear™ CardsBusy families everywhere have stories of missing or forgotten sports gear, diaper bags, schoolday essentials and other “kid equipment.” Luckily, Get Your Gear™ cards are here to help!

Created by a professional organizer and busy hockey mom, Get Your Gear™ cards serve as visual reminders to help kids get their gear ready for school and sports. Simple words and unique illustrations offer both a written and visual reference to describe each piece of equipment.

Thanks to Get Your Gear™ cards, kids of all ages can get out the door with ease – and keep their families on the move. Order your cards today!
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Get Your Gear™ cards make great gifts on their own – or include one or more as a distinctive gift bag tag for any of the following occasions:
  • Baby shower gift (Baby, Toddler)
  • Back-to-school gift (School-Age)
  • Grandparents or daycare providers (Baby, Toddler, Pre-school)
  • Sports association registration giveaway (Any Sports card)
  • Tournament gift (Any Sports card)
  • Birthday or any other gift-giving holiday (Any Get Your Gear card!)

Get Out the Door with Get Your Gear™

A smart tool to help kids get organized!
  • Choose from eight themes, including life stages (Baby, Toddler, Pre-schooler and School-ager) and sports (Hockey, Soccer, Football and Lacrosse).
  • Words and illustrations make these cards useful for readers and non-readers – and give adults both written and visual reference.
  • Each 4" x 6" card is held in a clear, durable plastic pouch that can hold game schedules, a photograph of your child, or notes from daycare.
  • Loop at top of card easily attaches to a diaper bag, duffle bag or backpack.
  • The back of the card includes space for emergency contact information.
  • A budget-friendly tool for parents and children – priced for easy gift-giving too, with discounts for volume orders.
  • Created by a hockey mom who also works part-time as a professional organizer, so she knows what busy kids and parents need!
A Hockey Mom says:


"I just ordered and received our hockey bag tag and I LOVE it!


I'm sure that my 8-year old mite will be happy that I'm not nagging him to remember his gear!


We also just got a 'tree' for his gear and he is responsible for packing his own bag this season.


I definitely think your card will help! Thanks for such a great product!"

Tips for Get Your Gear™ Cards


Need to remember something specific like diapers for daycare or a special uniform for a soccer game?

Circle the icon with a wet erase marker as a reminder. A quick wipe with a damp tissue or diaper wipe will give you a clean slate for next time.


Online Catalog of Get Your Gear™ cards

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Illustrations for Get Your Gear™ Cards were created by Susanne Short